Students with Disabilities – physical, sensory and medical disabilities

The Beatrice Weston Unit for the Advancement of Students at the Dean of Students Office provides support services, both educational and emotional, to students with special needs. The unit is operating a special academic accessibility support center.

A professional counselor assists in the following subjects:

  • Personal counseling related to adjustment difficulties, study load and study skills.
  • Counseling in dealing with emotional and social problems.
  • Providing special academic accommodations according to limitations.
  • Providing academic assistance through tutors.
  • Working in collaboration with the academic and the administrative staff at the Technion and various institutions outside of the Technion.
  • Counseling and guidance to applicants who have special needs.

An academic accessibility support center is located in the Ulman building, 3 floor. The center includes:

  • Computer stations for self study.
  • Two separate rooms for students who have special accommodations.
  • Workshop room.
  • Assistive technology room.
  • A room for the counselor.

Permission to use the center facilities is given by the counselor for academic accessibility.

Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

A special educational program is offered by the Ministry of Health to assist eligible individuals receive the full benefits provided by “Nathan” academic mentoring program (in Hebrew).

Services include:

  • Developing and improving learning skills.
  • Orienting students with regards to campus services.
  • Reviewing the need for academic accommodations.
  • Providing assistance with identifying and focusing on emotional barriers.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for confidential consultations, please contact the program coordinator at: | Tel: 052-6665818

Procedure for Attaining Exam Accommodations

Students with physical disabilities who wish to receive exam accommodations are required to complete a form entitled “Application for Time Extension Due to Medical Limitations” (in Hebrew: "בקשה להארכת זמן עקב מגבלות רפואיות") on the Undergraduate Studies site. The form must be submitted to the Undergraduate Office of Admissions.

Physical Accessibility

At Technion, nearly 90% of its buildings are wheelchair accessible, thanks to the disability-friendly projects the university has initiated and supported over the past two decades. Accommodations include wheelchair accessible building entrances and ramps, installation of elevators as well as accessible restrooms in older buildings, accessible dorm rooms, audio-supported systems in over 40 halls and classrooms, innovative voice navigation systems for the visually impaired, reinforced lighting, signage and other disability services.

For more information contact Mr. Moshe Volik at:

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