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The Unit for the Advancement of Students

Location: Room 460, 4th Floor, Ullmann Building
Tel: 04-8294112
Office Secretary: Lizetta Shamir |

Office Hours:
Sun.-Wed - 09:00-14:00
Thu. - 09:00-12:30

Making an Appointment with a Counsellor:

Appointments may be made through the Office secretary during office hours only.
Students are expected to arrive to their appointment on time and notify the secretary if they are unable to make their meeting. We do not encourage students to drop-in, as counsellors keep a tight schedule.

Making an Appointment for Tutoring Services:

The list of approved tutors may be given only by the counsellor affiliated with your faculty (please refer to the staff list). Please be sure to check the office hours of your faculty counsellor, and set an appointment with them through the office secretary accordingly.