New Students

Adaptation to life at Technion is accompanied by a rapid change in lifestyle and learning skills.
Sometimes, upon entering first semester, students experience feelings of:

  • Being overwhelmed, mixed with lack of understanding and orientation
  • Confusion and distraction (inability to concentrate)
  • Uncertainty about whether or not the subject matter being learned is relevant to the major you chose
  • Feelings of uncertainty

It is important to know that all of these feelings are normal and may be experienced during periods of transition and change, and it is possible to cope with them. We can help.

Counseling Services Offered through the Unit for the Advancement of Students:

We invite students to individual counselling sessions (with the counsellor affiliated with your faculty – find them on the staff list) on the following issues:

  • Identifying sources of distress and/or learning difficulties.
  • Learning strategies, such as time management, self-control, study skills, exam strategies, and more.
  • Ways to develop personal flexibility to cope with change and adapt to new situations, particularly the phenomenon of ‘Technion entrance shock’.
  • Functioning under pressure.
  • Individual tutoring in basic subjects to reinforce concepts learned and gain deeper understanding.