New Immigrants

The Beatrice Weston Unit for the Advancement of Students provides a variety of services for students who recently made Aliyah:

  • Counselling and support in coping with any social or emotional problems associated with integration into a new culture and Israeli society in general.
  • Assistance and counselling on how to cope with Technion’s academic requirements.
  • Receiving educational assistance through student tutors who excel in their studies. *Students who are being provided with services from the Ministry of Absorption (Minhal Studentim – Student Authority) are entitled to free tutoring sessions – for more details, please make an appointment with one of our counsellors affiliated with your faculty (refer to the staff list) through the Office Secretary during their posted office hours.

Our office collaborates with the Israel Students Authority on a variety of issues.

The Israel Students Authority provides financial assistance to students in need according to its own set of criteria. Additionally, it also makes direct contact with new students and initiates a variety of activities including get-togethers, excursions, lectures and more.

In Haifa, the Israel Student Authority is located at 19 Pal Yam St. | Tel: 04-8631140/1

More information can be found on the Israel Student Authority website.