Meet the Team

Our counsellors are here to assist you overcome new challenges that may arise during your studies at Technion. We recommend that you initially contact a counsellor from your faculty as listed below:


Table of counseling team members and useful information.
Staff MembersFacultyHours & Appointments (made through the Office)Tutoring Services (by appointment only)Contact Info
Dalia PeledUnit HeadAppointments may be made through the Office secretary
Tel: 04-8294112
Bashir MansourPhysics, Mathematics, Education in Science & Technology,
Biotechnology & Food Engineering,
Sun., 8:00-16:00
Mon., 8:00-13:00
Wed., 8:00-16:00
Thu., 8:00-13:00
Sun., Mon., Wed., Thu.
Rosie Engel,
Learning Disabilities Specialist
Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Architecture & Town Planning, Education in Science & Technology, and graduate studentsSun., Tue.
- 08:30-14:30
Thu. - 08:30-13:30
Yael CaspinMechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.,
- 08:30-15:30

Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.,
- 13:00-14:00
Hagit FishandlerComputer Science, MedicineSun., - 08:00-14:00
Tue., - 08:00-13:30
Wed., Thu.,- 08:00-13:00
Sun., Tue., Wed., Thu.,
- 12:00-13:00
Adi HaviviMaterials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Sun.-Thu.
Galit IsaacIndustrial Engineering & Management,
Architecture & Town Planning
Mon., 9:00-17:00
Wed., 14:00-17:00
Thu., 9:00-16:00
Mon., Thu.,
- 13:00-14:00
Gil Berkowitz
Learning Disabilities Specialist
Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biotechnology & Food Engineering,
Industrial Engineering & Management, Mathematics, Biology, Medicine
Sun., 8:00-16:00
Tue., 8:00-12:00
Thu., 8:00-16:00
Sigal BlumAcademic accessibility support Mon., Tue., - 08:00-15:00
Thu. -08:00-13:00