Improving Learning Skills

Our highly trained staff members provide individual counselling on issues related to the development of efficient learning strategies.

The main purpose of the counseling process is to identify disruptive habits causing difficulties in the learning process, and to find appropriate tools and techniques that can be applied to improve learning skills.

We can assist you with the following issues:

  • Developing appropriate study skills suited to your personality and faculty curriculum.
  • Coping with heavy study loads.
  • Dealing with the learning pace.
  • Adjustment between independent and cooperative learning.
  • Priorities and time management – planning your time and setting realistic learning goals in accordance with the progress made during the semester and through assignments.
  • Preparing for mid-terms and final exams.
  • Coping strategies to help deal with concentration problems.
  • Coping strategies for exams – how to prepare for and conduct yourself during an exam.
  • Strategies for coping with procrastination.
  • Overcoming loss of confidence
  • Test anxiety.