Coping with Emotional & Familial Problems

During studies at the Technion, students may experience hardships related to their studies or other causes of stress.

Sources of distress may be related to:

  • Emotional difficulties in adapting to a new educational framework and dealing with change of lifestyle.
  • Difficulty coping with stress abd study load.
  • Concern for academic failure.
  • Test anxiety.
  • Emotional and learning related burdens linked to absenteeism from classes as a result of (IDF) reserve duty.
  • Gaps between high expectations and the capacity to achieve them.
  • Professional incompatibility with chosen majors.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Difficulty with balancing time invested in studies and other life areas (relationships, family, hobbies, etc.)
  • Impact of family problems.
  • Impact of change in health status (of a student or his/her family members) on learning processes.
  • Coping with loss of loved one.

How can I manage stress?
The best way to alleviate stress is by speaking with a professional counselor. We invite you to make an appointment with a counsellor on staff that is affiliated with your faculty (find them on the staff list).

The purpose of the consultation process is to reduce the connection between the cause of stress and distress; the consultation process takes into account personality traits and external factors such as characteristics of the faculty you belong to, family situation, etc.

How can we help?
Our familiarity with the current needs of students, extensive knowledge of the institute’s (administrative) systems and ongoing regulation policies, as well as access to sources providing financial assistance (offered both internally (by Technion) and by external organizations), coupled with years of counselling experience, contribute to our abilities to help students overcome crisis and get back on their learning track .

When should I turn for help?
We recommend seeking advice as soon as possible. There are many advantages to early consultations, both in terms of reducing distress and in increasing the number of options available to you.