Tutoring Services

The Beatrice Weston Unit for the Advancement of Students employs student tutors; our large pool of tutors consists of Technion students who excel in their studies and who are qualified to provide individual tutoring.

The tutoring services offered through our office are intended primarily for new students in their freshman year, IDF reserve students, new immigrants, students with learning disabilities, students facing medical difficulties, students who are confronted with severe academic problems and students participating in one of the programs concerning minimizing academic gaps at the campus.

The tutoring sessions are intended to provide clarification of misunderstandings during the learning process, to enhance learning habits and impart materials that were missed due to absence.

Students who wish to receive individual tutoring are welcome to make an appointment with one of our counsellors affiliated with their faculty (please refer to the staff list) through the Office Secretary during their posted office hours.

During the counselling session, students will be allotted a certain number of tutoring hours for the particular semester at the time of application. *Please note that you cannot transfer the allotted tutoring hours from one semester to another.

Tutoring services are provided at a fee – students must check with their counsellor if they are entitled to a subsidy.

Payment for tutoring services is due at the end of each semester and is taken directly from a student’s account (after the second exam term (Moed Bet).